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Torino (Turin)

Torino, the first capital of united Italy, is an ancient city. Each moment in history has left its mark on her, generating a legacy of culture, architecture and monuments.

The Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games showed the world a surprising city, still attached to its industrial path (FIAT is based here) while transforming into a pole of innovation, culture and high quality of life.

Torino is an easy city to visit and love, thanks to its rational design. It is impossible to get lost and every season brings its unique atmospheres, best appreciated walking along the streets, into the many museums and parks, and sampling the myriad cafés and restaurants.

Enjoying good food and drink is a cultural must in Torino. The informal trattorias, the refinded top-end restaurants and the exotic ethnic eateries make the city one of the undisputed world capitals of taste. As capital of the Piemonte (Piedmont) region, Torino has no shortage of world-famous wines, whether one is looking for whites (Gavi, Arneis, Moscato), superb reds (Dolcetto, Grignolino, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco and Barolo), or even sparkling wines, which, through Martini & Rossi, gave rise to the tradition of Asti Spumante.

When daylight begins to fade the city changes face: at aperitif time, the streets are lit up and buzzing with people in the wine bars, restaurants and clubs, which cater for all preferences, from live jazz to exclusive dj sets.

To those with more refined tastes Torino offers top-of-the-range classical music, theatre and opera, but also shows, cabaret, literary cafes, street festivals and crazy notti bianche, all night non-stop events that animate the city streets until dawn. With more than 30 cinemas and hi-tech multiplexes in and around the city, there’s no shortage of venues to sit and enjoy a movie (after all, cinema was born in this very town).

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