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Living in Torino

Torino is a leading centre for higher education and research, housing some of the major academic and research institutions in Italy. The city was also chosen by United Nations for its Staff College and as a site for the International Labour Organization Training Centre.

As explained in the “Fees and Scholarships” section of this website, TOMideast will provide accommodation for the 10 applicants who obtain one Freetorino scholarship.

All other participants will have to organize their stay in Torino independently. The Summer School office will do its best to help any successful applicant find adequate accommodation in town.

The following links may be a useful first port-of-call.

Sportello CASA Service
Opening times: Monday-Friday from 9 am to 4 pm
E-mail: info@sportellocasatorino.it
Website: www.bussola.ceur.it

Casa dello Studente Tel. +39 011 19507317
E-mail: info@casadellostudente.org
Website: www.casadellostudente.org

Collegio Universitario Einaudi
Tel: +39.011.812.68.53
E-mail: info@collegioeinaudi.it
Website: http://www.collegioeinaudi.it

Associazione bed&breakfast
Tel./Fax +39.011.812.36.75
E-mail: info@bed-breakfast.it
Website: www.bed-breakfast.it

Ostello Torino
Tel./Fax +39.011.660.29.39
E-mail: ostello@ostellotorino.it
Website: www.ostellotorino.it

Temporary Housing

The following websites contain a list of all hotels in the city and in the province of Torino:


AIRBNB: to rent a room or an apartment in Torino and in the surrounding areas

As for meals, successful applicants will be given a fact-file during induction with a list of venues for all budgets, together with other useful tips.

For local transport information, best to log on to the GTT transport group at http://www.comune.torino.it/gtt/en. Please note that the Summer School venues will most likely be within walking distance of your accommodation if you stay in the city centre.

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