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Fees and Scholarships

Because of the global pandemic of Covid 19 TOMidEast summer school will be ON LINE on the CISCO Webex platform!

Tuition fees are remodeled as follow:

150,00 € for students from University of Torino

250,00 € for students from other Universities*

300,00 € for professionals

Student status will be extended to applicants who graduated in December 2019 or later and who are not currently employed full-time. Fees cover tuition and working materials.

*  All other students (coming from universities other than UniTO) may apply for one type of scholarship FREETORINO

FREETORINO: 10 SCHOLARSHIPS reducing the fees from 250,00 € to 150,00 €

Students wishing to apply for one of the 10 FREETORINO scholarships should tick the appropriate case while filling up the application form on the Google form.

The School secretary (middleeast.to@gmail.com) is avaiable to help you for any reasons.

How to Pay

The only accepted means of payment is direct bank transfer for the above mentioned amounts, depending on the participant’s status. Here are the bank data:

Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società

IBAN: IT37A0306909217100000460184
Bank name: Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
Bank address: Agenzia di Via Monte di Pietà, 32 – 10122 Torino – Italy

Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società
Lungo Dora Siena 100,
10153 Torino – Italy

It is absolutely essential that the stated reason for payment is the following:

“Name and Surname, CDR D203 – Summer School TOMidEast 2020”


! Note on Coronavirus/Covid-19 ! 

The approach followed by the TOMidEast organising committee is to prioritise and guarantee the safety of all participants and Faculty members. In recognition of the global health situation and persistent health concerns in Italy, the Organising Committee has decided that the 2020 edition of the TOMidEast Summer School will be delivered entirely online. The date of the course are unchanged (22 June – 27 June) and the program will reflect as closely as possible the one which has been advertised.

All accepted candidates will be contacted by e-mail regarding the teaching methods used and will be informed on how to participate in the School.

Thank you for your understanding.

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