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Eligibility criteria

Both students and professionals are welcome to apply for a place at the School.

In order for your application to be processed, you must meet one compulsory requirement: you must either hold a Bachelor honours degree at 1st or 2:1 level (or an equivalent European title, such as the laurea triennale for Italian students with a minimum grade of 100/110), or else you must be a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in a India-related and/or Development Studies related programme at a European university, where you must have completed at least one year of studies.

A second compulsory requirement is good command of the English language. Although such documents are not mandatory, special attention will be devoted to those applicants who can demonstrate their proficiency in English by means of an international qualification. An ideal proof would be a minimum TOEFL score of 620 (paper-based test) or 250 (computer-based test), or 100 (Internet test), or IELTS 7.0 or their equivalent (e.g. the Cambridge Advanced or CPE Certificate). Previous studying experience abroad will also be taken into consideration.

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