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Since the total number of participants is set at 30 and it includes both students and professionals, we expect tough competition to secure a place at the School. We therefore advise to apply as soon as possible, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

In order for their application to be considered, applicants must complete and send the 2017 application form and their updated CV to the TOIndia office (toindia.to@gmail.com). Click on the following links to download: Application form 2017 word or Application form 2017 pdf.

In addition to these, students only are requested to send (via email) a copy of their official enrolment letter/certification testifying their current student status and an academic transcript. Student status will be extended to applicants who graduated in March 2016 and later and who are not currently employed full-time. In this case applicants are requested to send (via email) a copy of their certificate testifying their graduate status and an academic transcript. The transcript will be used to select the best candidates both for a place at the School and for one of the scholarships, if requested. Students applying for a Freetorino scholarships are also required to give proof of their residence by filling in, signing and returning this document.

No application will be accepted after Tuesday 30th May 2017, 5pm Rome time.

Confused? See the application checklist.

When all necessary application documents are in the hand of the TOIndia office, the secretary will place them in an individual file and make sure all compulsory requirements are met. If this is the case, the file is passed on to the senior scholars who select successful candidates.

All complete applications reaching TOIndia by April 28th 5pm (Rome time) will be evaluated by May 5th and official confirmations will be sent individually immediately thereafter. All remaining applications sent by the closing date (30th May, 5 pm Rome time) will be assessed and results communicated by June 6th.

Successful applicants receiving an offer must formally accept it and send proof of fees payment (direct bank transfer) via email. Upon receiving these, the TOIndia office will confirm the allocation of the place. Applicants who should fail to send such confirmation and proof of payment within a week from the notification of their successful application will have their offer withdrawn.

Tuition fees are 350€ for students and 450€ for professionals (VAT included).

All successful applicants must pay their full fees.

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