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TOIndia Summer School 2017

Politics, Development and Social Change in Contemporary India

3rd edition

 No longer active from 2018

“The ‘Politics, Development and Social Change in Contemporary India’ is a unique Summer School. Taught by leading scholars from India and Europe it provides insights into contemporary India at the highest possible level. I highly recommend it. “

Jens Lerche, Reader in Agrarian and Labour Studies, SOAS, University of London


“This is a high-level and demanding induction to the advanced study of contemporary India given by an exciting team of experts. Enjoy!”

Barbara Harriss-White, Emeritus Professor of Development Studies,University of Oxford


In response to the growing interest in contemporary India’s economy, society and politics the Department of Culture, Politics and Society of the University of Turin is pleased to announce the second edition of the Summer School on Politics, Development and Social Change in Contemporary  India.

The Summer School will run from Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th July 2017. The working language is English and the programme is suitable for students and professionals with different disciplinary backgrounds.

The School aims to offer in-depth knowledge of key aspects of politics, economy and society in contemporary India through a multidisciplinary approach. Important recent trajectories of social change – as well as continuity – will be explored, encouraging critical reflection among students. In particular, the 2017 edition will provide an analysis on India’s development trajectory in the past two decades, with attention to poverty, inequality and labour informalisation in a gendered perspective, as well as to issues such as the agrarian question and pauperisation. A specific focus will be placed on the most recent political transformations with attention to identity politics and social movements.

The School’s teaching staff brings together internationally distinguished scholars.

Any student or professional willing to explore the complex facets of the politics, development process and social change in globalizing India will be welcome.

Applications are accepted as from March 6th. To apply, please visit the “How to Apply” section of this website.

After you leave

The insightful analysis provided by the programme will be of great usefulness both for those alumni whishing to pursue research work on India at an academic level, and for those working or wishing to work within the international development arena.

Information on international scholarships, academic opportunities and jobs will be circulated to the alumni through a TOAsia mailing list.

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