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TOIndia Summer School 2021

Politics, Development and Social Change in Contemporary India

One year of unrest: Emergency policies and protest at the time of Covid-19 pandemic

4th edition — online 



Monday 5 July to Friday 9 July 2021


From the shocking images of masses of workers flocking streets, stations and railway lines after the lockdown was announced in the subcontinent, to those of the farmers rallies that from Punjab moved to the outskirts of Delhi: instances of unrest emerged powerfully in the past year, bringing to light an increasing tension between developmental policies and the extreme marginalisation of wider strata of society. Increasing unrest was countered with a parallel silencing of voices of dissent from the public debate.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, 2021 edition of the Summer School will provide a broad insight to disentangle recent political, economic and socio-cultural tensions in contemporary India.

The School’s teaching staff brings together internationally distinguished scholars.


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