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The intellectual salon is a common format in contemporary China, but it is a rara avis among those outside China who would come to grips with that country’s complex socio-political, regional and economic topography. TOChina is a unique educational salon for engaged young scholars and professionals from various backgrounds in which they can learn about, discuss and debate the presence of China on the global stage. A salon with edge and purpose like TOChina prepares participants for the real world of China today and tomorrow.

Prof. Geremie Barmé, Director of the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW)

TOChina engaged me in dialogues with both leading experts and young scholars of China studies in a truly multicultural context, where I made lifelong friends who share my own vision and passion for this field of research. TOChina is indeed an empowering experience.

Ms. Wang Gerui 王格睿 (TOChina 2012), MA in Asian Studies, Center For Chinese Studies, University of Michigan; member of the Morningside Cultural China Scholars Programme

In July 2012 some 44 PhD candidates, graduate students, and young scholars and professionals from around the world gathered in Torino for the 6th edition of TOChina’s two-week, intensive Summer program on the politics, political economy and foreign policy of contemporary China.

Emerging China hands and promising China-literate students from 23 countries were present, including from Australia, Belgium, Britain, China, Finland, Fiji, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, and the US.

Participants were welcomed in one of Italy’s liveliest – if least known – cities, and had an opportunity to be exposed to original insight and cutting-edge research agendas pursued  by some of the world’s most accomplished scholars.

This Summer a 7th edition of the School will run from June 24th to July 5th, 2013. As ever with TOChina activities, the aim will be to work at the intersection between China’s long-term structural transformations (in socio-political, economic and cultural terms) and those particularly visible recent trends that inform international debate at the present time.

To secure pluralism of disciplinary and intellectual perspectives, TOChina Summer School faculty members include both academics and policy-experts, from a variety of fields, including Economics, Economic History, International Relations, International Political Economy, Political Culture, Political Science, and Sociology.

In-class activities run from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 5.30pm. They features lectures, role-plays and extensive Q&A sessions.

The program is suitable for both those wishing to study the domestic aspects of China’s politics and for participants intending to explore the rapidly evolving dynamics of Asian and global geopolitics and economics. For those looking for insight into future career options TOChina offers a unique opportunity to inquire with senior scholars who are often in charge of PhD programs in their country, and affiliated to a variety of organizations. The cherished informal sessions that TOChina instructors accept to have with students after class are a trademark of TOChina’s hands-on approach.

The program is illustrated online on this website, with details being updated weekly. Applications will be accepted as of Monday 11th March. To apply, please click on the “How to apply” submenu on the left.

Several scholarships are available, covering anything from tuition fees to accommodation and meals. Please do check whether you may be eligible for either a Zerotasse or a Freetorino scholarship.

After you leave

Several alumni of the TOChina programme have gone on to start – and complete, by now! – their PhDs at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, while others have pursued careers in institutions, NGOs and professional organizations globally.

Several have moved to China, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Many alumni remain to this day in touch with fellow TOChina participants (across editions!) and staff in Torino. Information on international scholarships, academic opportunities and jobs are routinely circulated within this growing network of China hands.

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