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Teachers can only expose students to knowledge; then it’s up to students themselves to work hard to understand what they have been taught

TOChina is a comprehensive platform established within the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society of the University of Torino to advance cutting-edge academic research, tertiary education, and international networking towards contemporary China.

Supported by the Fondazione CRT banking foundation and the Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai), TOChina provides promising students, budding young scholars and emerging professionals with a lively community of social scientists working on contemporary China from an area studies perspective. TOChina is especially committed to enriching the Scienze Internazionali Master’s program (i.e. Laurea Magistrale) offered at the University of Torino; it does so by equipping students with extra skills and tools allowing for better learning and more proficient future professional engagement with contemporary China.

TOChina supports ambitious and innovative research through a global network of partner institutions devoted to China studies from similar disciplinary backgrounds. Researchers affiliated with the TOChina working unit routinely carry out fieldwork in Italian and Chinese institutions, as well as in institutions located elsewhere in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.  Access to T.wai’s library – with a rich catalogue containing some of the best recent literature on Chinese politics, foreign policy and political economy – is an asset for research on secondary sources.  T.wai’s library online catalogue stores book titles, but also the titles of individual chapters in edited volumes, and the titles of individual essays in each issue of the scientific journals the library subscribes to. Access is free of charge for individual students and scholars. An effective first port-of-call for research is TheChinaCompanion, a unique online research tool allowing for sharp and complete searches in contents published in a variety of top-quality outlets. The website is freely accessible at www.thechinacompanion.eu.

High-level seminars organized by TOChina every Spring semester (February – May) with Italian and international China hands bring a variety of disciplinary and human perspectives to the courses offered by the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society. The 2013 TOChina Wednesday Seminar series begins on Wednesday 27 February: the full calendar is available here.

One of the world’s most renowned Summer programs on contemporary China studies is the TOChina Summer School, held yearly in early Summer since 2007. In 2013 the Summer School runs from June 24 to July 5. Information will be available in late March and can be found in the relevant section of the menu to the left.

Since 2011, a partnership between the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Zhejiang University – one of China’s top-10 – has allowed for the 15 best applicants from the Scienze Internazionali Master’s program (i.e. Laurea Magistrale) to spend an entire academic year in Hangzhou (PRC) enrolled in a China Studies Program, eventually gaining a double-degree (the Laurea Magistrale from Torino and a Chinese Master’s title). More information in the “Study and Work in China” sub-menu to the left. The program is fully covered by scholarships.

In order to equip outstanding China-literate Italian students and Italian-speaking Chinese students with essential skills in business management and entrepreneurship, as of 2013 TOChina oversees a new program – the China Business Academy – run in Hangzhou by top-level Italian experts in intercultural management, business and entrepreneurship. Participants are trained intensively for 7 weeks, so as to be able to access demanding professional positions in Italian and international companies with full command of the basics of a China-oriented (or China-specific) business environment. Applications for the 2013 CBA are open until March 8, 2013, 5pm Beijing time. Information for submitting applications are available here. Scholarships are available to all participants covering tuition fees in full.

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